Feeling Good Today~ A Kids Yoga Music Review

As a parent of two children I’m always happy to find an album of music that is not only fun for the kids, but enjoyable for the adults as well with an uplifting message.  Snatam Kaur’s “Feeling Good Today” is a perfect fit for a kids yoga class, jamming out in the car, and playing around or dancing in the house.  Sing-songy enough for the little ones to love, intricate enough for the parents to appreciate, and varied enough to suit a range of moods, this album has become a quick favorite in both my home and the studio.  Snatam weaves her melodic voice of an angel with the Children’s Kundalini Choir for a truly unique sound.  Yogic mantras and yogic philosophy are playfully arranged with a lightness of being while preserving the spiritual integrity of the mantras.  The first track “Feeling Good Today” sets the mood and is a great way to start a day with your child!  My favorite verse: “God inside is lighting up my way, and I can see that light in your eyes too, and I am feeling good today!”  Track 2 “The Sun Shines on Everyone” introduces the concept of spreading peace, life, and love to everyone and praying for everyone, not “making choices” about who we would like to pray for.  The third track “I am Happy” is a mantra Yogi Bhajan gave to the children to use when their parents were fighting or in crisis so they could have an experience of remaining stable and unaffected.  Simple, catchy, and upbeat, it’s an instant favorite!  Track 4 “Gobinday” celebrates the eight aspects of the Infinite.  Things really start to get groovy in track 5 “Make the Love Grow!”  One of my favorites to have mamas dance to in prenatal yoga, this song starts slow and sweet and gets you up and bouncing and swinging your hips all the while grinning as you sing along “This is the way we make the love grow!”  Track 6 is a wonderful song for improving self esteem and honoring one’s self with “I am the Light of the Soul.”  Track 7 “Sa Ta Na Ma” celebrates the cycles of life and makes a classic Kundalini Yoga mantra more accessible for children.  Track 8, “Adi Shakti” creates awareness of and honors the divine Feminine force of the Universe.  And finally, the last track is Snatam’s lovely kids version of “Long Time Sun.”  I love to end my Mommy & Me classes with this one!

Parents with older children will also appreciate “Shanti the Yogi:  Mountain Adventure,” a kids yoga dvd with Snatam Kaur as teacher.  Incorporating storytelling, simple yet elegant imaginative drawings, mantra, movement, yoga and meditation, Snatam leads the children through a beautiful kundalini yoga practice in real time as they use their imagination to follow Shanti on her journey up the mountain.

Gloria Overcash

I'm a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor specializing in working with women during pregnancy and postpartum. As a mother to three children spanning toddlerhood to the tween and teenage years, I relate well to parents at any stage of the journey.

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