Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in Bozeman

Group and Private Kundalini Yoga Instruction with Gong Savasana


“The Power of Kundalini Yoga lies in the actual experience. It goes right into your heart and extends your consciousness so you may have a wider horizon of grace and knowing the truth.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

In 1969, Yogi Bhajan brought the ancient science and technology of Kundalini Yoga to the United States to share with all who wished to learn the “Yoga of Awareness.” Combining pranayam (breath), bhandas (body locks), asana (posture), mantra (chanting), mudra (hand positions or “seals”), and meditation, this yoga quickly and effectively brings incredible transformation on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Kundalini Yoga is taught in “kriya” form, meaning that exercises are done in a specific sequence to obtain a certain outcome. Kundalini Yoga strengthens the glandular system and the nervous system while balancing the chakras and meridians in the body. There are many kriyas and each one is different. A few examples are “The Basic Spinal Series,” “Strengthening the Aura,” “Stress Set for the Adrenals and Kidneys,” and “Kriya for a Calm and Open Heart.” Some kriyas are more aerobic and some are slow and stretchy. Truly it is a practice that must be experienced.

Gloria (Ravi Inder) Overcash has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for over ten years and teaching for nearly as long.  In addition to her 200 hour training from the Kundalini Research Institute, she has attended several specialty professional training courses including SuperHealth for Addiction Recovery, Supporting People with PTSD through Kundalini Yoga, the Khalsa Way Pregnancy Yoga Program, Spirit Baby Mommy & Me Yoga, and the Radiant Child Yoga Program.

Ravi Inder (Gloria) teaches with easy grace and confidence that is both instructive and uplifting.  Her natural kindness and warmth shine through as she expertly encourages the class, guiding us into and out of the postures and inspiring us to do our very best.  Ravi Inder's nurturing teaching style creates a safe space to deeply relax and heal through this practice so we can live the fullest expression of our lives.  She is a natural.


I love coming to Kundalini Yoga class. Whatever worries, stresses, aches, or pains I have coming in are addressed, worked through, and let go. I feel like it brings me back to my peaceful self. The class has also let me rediscover my physical strength and Gloria always has an adaptation for beginners. It’s amazing!


Gloria (Ravi Inder) guides you with gentleness and grace to the pure light within you.


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