Blissful Bellies Prenatal Yoga in Bozeman

Enjoy Your Pregnancy and Find Your Mama Tribe

​I'm so honored to have witnessed hundreds of incredible women make the transition from maiden to mother over the past 10 years teaching Blissful Bellies Prenatal Yoga here in Bozeman.  Rooted in the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga, Blissful Bellies is taught in the Khalsa Way Pregnancy Yoga tradition in which I've been trained and certified by the legendary Gurmukh Khalsa, author of Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful. One of my favorite classes to teach, Blissful Bellies Prenatal Yoga is a beautiful way to achieve a more comfortable pregnancy.  In this class, you'll develop strength and flexibility, increase body awareness, and relieve common pregnancy complaints in a class designed to be safe and beneficial for all stages of pregnancy and all levels of yoga experience.  You'll prepare your mind and body for birth (no matter what your birth plan) and motherhood through this practice.  Expect to laugh, cry, and make new friends.  I can't wait to meet you!
Gloria (Ravi Inder)

Gloria, I am so grateful for this wonderful gift you give to mothers! Your prenatal yoga classes meant more to me than any childbirth preparation class or literature. I found a courage and strength that assisted with both my pregnancy and childbirth, and I know I will be able to draw upon the tools I learned to center me in this next journey as well. Thank you for helping me to embrace the power and beauty of my femininity, pregnancy and motherhood.


Gloria, your yoga class was the highlight of every week while I was pregnant, it made me feel so incredibly close to my baby that it still brings me to tears thinking of how special it was to us. It also helped be able to meditate and go back to the classes in my mind while I was in labor and I used that through each contraction. It was spiritually, physically, and emotionally exactly what I needed while I was pregnant. And it was so fun bonding and getting to know the other mamas going through the same thing as me. Thank you so much and I now thank you for the awesome mommy and me classes as well.

  K. V.

Taking Gloria’s prenatal yoga class was very influential for me. It brought me closer to my community of mothers, creating a web of support and friends. Going to class was the best relief from busy days, I was always aching to go. The movement, meditation, silliness, and strength left me each day with a deep connection to pregnancy, womanhood, and motherhood. In the birth I felt so prepared, and was able to relax and tune into the state I felt in Gloria’s class. I will never forget her soft, guiding words, beautiful music, and amazing tea time.  Thank you Gloria for being a guiding light for us new mothers.

  K. K.

Gloria Overcash teaches prenatal yoga with gentle loving confidence and skill. The yoga techniques Gloria taught helped me stay focused and strong during the in-home water birth of my 9.10 lb daughter. The physical and mental conditioning of this class really work!


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