“Your prenatal class not only prepared my mind and body for childbirth but you also facilitated a place where it was easy to meet and form lasting bonds with the other mothers in the class. I have a great support system of moms because of it. Thank you!”  ~A.K.M.

“Taking Gloria’s prenatal yoga class was very influential for me. It brought me closer to my community of mothers, creating a web of support and friends. Going to class was the best relief from busy days, I was always aching to go. The movement, meditation, silliness, and strength left me each day with a deep connection to pregnancy, womanhood, and motherhood. In the birth I felt so prepared, and was able to relax and tune into the state I felt in Gloria’s class. I will never forget her soft, guiding words, beautiful music, and amazing tea and snack time. 🙂 THANK YOU Gloria for being a guiding light for us new mothers.” ~K.K.

“Prenatal yoga was a great experience for my baby and myself. The classes were always fun and Gloria introduced many new movements that I could easily use at home. I especially enjoyed connecting with other moms and sharing the prenatal experience. Gloria is a very peaceful and grounding presence to be around during an exciting passage in life.” ~ Ivy

“I started going to Gloria’s prenatal yoga class when I was less than 10 weeks pregnant. I was not showing yet and I didn’t really feel I was pregnant (except for the morning sickness). After singing “May the Long Time Sun” for the first time at the end of my first class, wrapping my arms around my belly, I felt a deep connection to my baby and a general feeling of well-being. Class after class, it became easier to connect to my body, my intuition, and the being that was growing inside me.
Though each yoga set was pleasantly different, during class I often got to what I thought were my limits – especially during the so-called “keep-up exercise”. But thanks to the non-judgmental atmosphere of the group (we usually kept our eyes closed and focused on our intuition) and to Gloria’s encouragement to see it as a practice for labor, I kept going for much longer than I expected. I found out that she was right: I am much stronger than I thought I was.
Being with other pregnant women was a major incentive for coming to class as well. Sometimes just being in the same room with them made me feel good, and knowing that there would be time for tea and to chat after class. Whether it was talking about how to position pillows to make us more comfortable at night, or hearing other Mamas’ opinion about doctors and midwives in town, it was always valuable.
Lying on the floor at the end of a class I often felt like I had gone on a journey. A 90-minutes journey inside myself, my body, emotions, fears, and what I thought were my limits. Letting the flow of energy go through my body during the part of class that Gloria always describes as the most important of our practice, I felt I had overcome new obstacles, I had seen new landscapes and experienced a range of emotions. And all of this made me richer.
I am not sure I would have had the beautiful birth I had if I had not gone to the Blissful Bellies’ yoga classes. Listening to Gloria’s words gave a deeper, spiritual meaning to the physical practice and allowed me to find the strength and trust I needed inside myself. I am very thankful for meeting her during this special time in my life.”  ~Olivia

“Gloria, your yoga class was the highlight of every week while I was pregnant, it made me feel so incredibly close to my baby that it still brings me to tears thinking of how special it was to us. It also helped be able to meditate and go back to the classes in my mind while I was in labor and I used that through each contraction. It was spiritually, physically, and emotionally exactly what I needed while I was pregnant. And it was so fun bonding and getting to other mamas going through the same thing as me. Thank you so much and I now thank you for the awesome mommy and me classes as well:)”  ~Kelly Ann Vredevoogd

“Hi Gloria!  I would like to thank you for helping me feel revived yet peaceful, empowered and connected to my baby girl, because that is how I felt after every prenatal yoga class. I began practicing with you when I was 13 weeks along and continued up until my delivery at 37.5 weeks. I believe practice with you weekly contributed to my short and enjoyable labor and delivery…my body and mind were prepared. When baby number two comes along I will definitely be back!” ~J.S.

“Gloria, I am so grateful for this wonderful gift you give to mothers! Your prenatal yoga classes meant more to me than any childbirth preparation class or literature. I found a courage and strength that assisted with both my pregnancy and childbirth, and I know I will be able to draw upon the tools I learned to center me in this next journey as well. Thank you for helping me to embrace the power and beauty of my femininity, pregnancy and motherhood.” ~Bethany Palmer

“Gloria, the thing I appreciated the most about your classes and you in general was your personal dedication to the practice and the depth of study and commitment you have. I really believe that one shouldnt teach something they don’t know intimately, and you truely live your practice. I loved the chanting the most, I feel like in labor i was able to tap into those sound vibrations and that really helped me through… Also your classes serve an important purpose of bringing women together who are in the same phase of creating a new life, I think pregnancy and motherhood can be isolating, but your classes provide a place for women to meet up and just be together. You are a gift to Bozeman!” ~Christine

“I looked forward to Gloria’s pre-natal yoga class every week. It was a time for me to truly look inward and connect with my baby. I loved closing my eyes and opening my soul to my baby through movement and song. As a musician, the chanting really helped me begin the bond that is so precious and beautiful. I sing and dance with my son every day. I feel so blessed that I was a part of these classes and that I got to sing and dance with him even before he was born!” ~Trina Rainey

“I took a PTSD course from Ravi Inder Kaur (Gloria) in the Fall of 2013, a year after an extremely difficult and traumatic birth that resulted in a pretty large reconstructive surgery. During the first few weeks I simply felt more relaxed and I enjoyed the “alone” time that I received every week, but toward the end of the course I found myself asking my husband when would he be ready to try for another child. This was quite the shock to both of us. Before starting this course I would have never dreamt I would come so far in such a short time being as I couldn’t even think about a second child let along the actual action of conceiving and birthing this second child. I give this program full credit for helping to process both the external as well as internal trauma I was dealing with and allowing me to get back to a state of acceptance and peace.”  ~T.P.

“While taking Gloria’s course on PTSD I felt comforted in a number of ways. Firstly, just being in the same room with other people battling similar issues helped me feel less judgmental of myself. Seeing the other faces and watching them go through the process and enabled me to have more empathy for myself. This was my first step towards healing. Similarly, learning that there was a vast library of Kundalini research and practice dedicated to helping people with PTSD helped me shed my deep sense of failure to cope. I replaced that shame with comfort, acceptance and nurturance.
Gloria created a safe and warm space for us to do exercises that might look or sound silly. She educated us on the history and effectiveness of the exercises which was very motivating.  Sometimes the chants and exercises were very difficult so it helped to focus on the benefits while doing them.
Gloria is interested in each individual’s journey. So much so that she stayed in touch ‘after hours’ during the week to send me articles, answer questions, and remind me that other people care.
Before the class, I had been having panic attacks and insomnia every night for 4 months. Three weeks into the course, I stopped having them and experienced a deep deep relief that continues to this day. I feel supported by a wide network of Kundalini practitioners past and present, and I feel that a massive resource for coping for almost any trouble that comes my way is within reach.
Thank you.”  ~J.G.

“Blissful Family Yoga with Gloria Overcash provides mamas with an amazing gift for mind, body, and spirit throughout pregnancy and beyond. Blissful Bellies Prenatal Yoga was a beautiful way to help connect with my changing body and baby and prepare for labor and birth. It is physically challenging and mentally and emotionally refreshing, and it really helped me to maintain a healthy trust in my body and the birth process. Now that my baby girl is here, we have had a wonderful time continuing yoga with Gloria through the Mommy and Me classes. They have helped in the recovery after birth and continued to strengthen connections with my body and my new baby. I’ve been so thankful for the practice, the comradery with other mamas, and the gift of Blissful Family Yoga.” ~Brandy Straub

“Gloria Overcash teaches prenatal yoga with gentle loving confidence and skill. The yoga techniques Gloria taught helped me stay focused and strong during the in-home water birth of my 9.10 lbs, 23 in. (!) daughter. The physical and mental conditioning of this Kundalini class really work!” ~Lila Michael

“I was determined to have a natural labor with my first child so I decided to try out prenatal yoga with Gloria Overcash . I practiced regularly until the end of my pregnancy. During my time in Gloria’s classes I found inner peace away from the stress of pregnancy and the worry of being a new mom. I was able to really enjoy a bond with my unborn baby as well as a bond with the other mama’s experiencing their own pregnancies. I felt empowered and encouraged that I could have the labor that I desired using the peace in my mind and the strength in my body. During my last class with Gloria we did a meditation that really prepared me mentally for the labor. I had my baby girl 4 days after we did this meditation and I used it as well as some yoga during labor. I had a wonderful labor experience, intense and beautiful. Thanks to Gloria’s suggestions I was also able to download many great songs and meditations from Spirit Voyage on my ipod before I went into labor. I still sing the “long time sunshine” song to my baby every night.” ~Dawn Wilson Brown

“Gloria’s prenatal yoga classes helped me immensely! Sometimes, I would be feeling down about all the things I couldn’t do or the way my body felt foreign to me, and then I would go to a yoga class, and Gloria would help me change my perspective. I would leave class with my attitude transformed, thinking of the beautiful baby growing in my body, the miracle of life, and feeling able bodied and excited. The positive outlook on pregnancy and birth made a huge difference in my pregnancy. Also, having the time to be around other pregnant women was truly a blessing – sharing tea and conversation after class would boost my mood, and make me feel less alone in the journey of growing a life. And the yoga practice itself, it helped my body feel better and helped my mind to calm; it helped me connect with the unborn baby growing in my body. Even though I would feel shy, I loved dancing with my belly and with the other pregnant women in class – so joyful and so special! I listened to music from class during my birth, because it carried loving, happy memories and reminded me of the excitement I felt to meet this child. So many times during my pregnancy, I commented to friends and family about how lucky I felt to have Gloria in our community teaching this class, and that I was able to attend. Thank you, Gloria! I’m sure if Ember could talk, she would say thank you too, for making her mommy’s pregnancy more special!” ~Lisa Bullard

“I began prenatal yoga classes with Gloria when I was about 7.5-8 mos pregnant. I went every week and it did help me deal with some unwanted stresses in my life and feelings stemming from past experiences. It slowed my reactions and helped me to become happier and more calm when my first initial reaction to someone being rude or an unkind would NORMALLY be to return the favor times ten. The deep breathing and connection to the Kundalini Yoga meditations that I felt within myself were not only that of my own soul; but my unborn son seemed to always be alert and interested during the classes; kicking and moving around. When he was born we sang to him the closing song ‘The Long Time Sunshine Song’ from each yoga session as soon as he entered the world and he calmed very quickly and was eager to see and hear things right away; I feel that was no accident.
I would highly recommend the PTSD course as well as Gloria’s Blissful Bellies Prenatal Yoga classes to any pregnant mother who is feeling overwhelmed psychologically; practicing this really helped me achieve a great pregnancy and my baby is the happiest I have yet to see!”
~A.M. (a mother with PTSD who participated in both prenatal yoga and the hybrid pregnancy/PTSD course)

“Thank you Gloria for your wonderful teaching. I hear so often from students and doula clients ‘We love Gloria!’ I think you have made a huge difference in so many families’ lovely births. And made the transition to motherhood so much more joyful.”  Sasha Lindberg

“I love coming to Kundalini Yoga class.  Whatever worries, stresses, aches, or pains I have coming in are addressed, worked through, and let go.  I feel like it brings me back to my peaceful self.  The class has also let me rediscover my physical strength and Gloria always has an adaptation for beginners.  It’s amazing!” ~Nicki Maslowski 

“Ravi Inder (Gloria) guides you with gentleness and grace to the pure light within you.” ~Karena

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