Divine Birth by Snatam Kaur

Often times the first thing I hear from a mama after her first prenatal yoga class with me is, “Wow! That song at the end of class was amazing, where can I find it?” That is, if they aren’t too choked up and teary-eyed by the pure blissful joy and beauty of experiencing it for the first time. In fact, Snatam Kaur’s version of the “Long Time Sun” song is part of the reason I fell in love with Kundalini Yoga to begin with.
This year at the Summer Solstice Sadhana in New Mexico, I had the opportunity to tell Snatam a story about how a student of mine who had to have a planned c-section for medical reasons arranged for her baby to born to the “Long Time Sun” song as part of her efforts to create the “best c-section ever”, and how special that song is for all of the students who come through my class. Then she told me about her new album, “Divine Birth“, and how she and her mother, Prabhu Nam Kaur included special mantras specifically for pregnancy and birth, ones that she had used herself during her recent pregnancy. Ever since our conversation I have looked forward to hearing it for myself. I even entered a contest to win it on my friend Rajdev’s blog, and shortly after was approached by the sweet folks at Spirit Voyage to write a review for it.
Today I received my copy of “Divine Birth” in the mail, and this evening I used it for the first time in my prenatal yoga class. As I taught the exercises, I played the first two tracks in the background, and let the mamas know that I was about to write a review for this album and to note any feelings they had about the music and let me know after class. As in every masterpiece released by Snatam, her angelic voice soars and dips (along with her mother’s equally beautiful voice), touching your very heart and soul and helping you find your connection to the Divine. The instrumentals in the background accompany beautifully, moving effortlessly from sweet support to intricate melodies between vocals. The first track is a prayer for the child’s protection and blessing, and the second track blissfully proclaims the importance of recognizing each soul as a gift from the Divine. Both are sung in Gurmukhi, an ancient sacred language derived from Sanskrit, and the sound current of the mantras coupled with the instrumental background truly creates a peaceful and nurturing environment for both mama and baby.
The third track is Aadi Shakti, a mantra to honor the divine creative feminine. Often in our prenatal yoga classes, we will practice a meditation with this mantra to call upon that divine creative strength within ourselves. After teaching the meditation with this version of the mantra this evening, I know it will be my go-to version in prenatal classes from now on. The vibration is perfect for the sweet state of pregnancy.
The mamas in class tonight were grateful to hear the new album, and agreed that the music brought them into a relaxed state of mind, allowed them to feel their emotions fully, and helped them feel very connected to their babies while practicing yoga.
I didn’t get to play the last 3 tracks for my class, but here’s a quick overview. Track 4 is the Guru Ram Das Lullaby. If you’re the type of parent that loves to expose your children to many cultures and faiths through music and the arts, this modern Sikh lullaby is sure to be a favorite in your house, with its catchy yet nurturing melody cozily soothing you and your loved ones into a blissful rest.
Tracks 5 and 6 are a recitation of the same mantras that were set so beautifully to music in the first two tracks, perfect for the serious yogini mama to chant along in the original form as suggested by Yogi Bhajan.
You may purchase “Divine Birth” as a CD or mp3 at Spirit Voyage.

Gloria Overcash

I'm a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor specializing in working with women during pregnancy and postpartum. As a mother to three children spanning toddlerhood to the tween and teenage years, I relate well to parents at any stage of the journey.

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