People of Love

People of Love~ A Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Experience
Saturday, February 13, 2016
6-8:30 pm
Your Yoga (20 East Main, Bozeman)
Open to the Flow of Love
Cultivate a Calm & Open Heart
Create Self-Love
Join me for a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation workshop for the heart chakra. No previous experience required. If you can breathe, you can do yoga!
We will practice a kriya (yoga set) for the physical heart center and follow with meditations to open to the flow of love, cultivate a calm & open heart, and create deep self-love.
During Savasana (deep relaxation), we will bliss out to the therapeutic vibrations of the 32 inch Symphonic Gong.
$20 for general admission, $15 for Your Yoga members
For more information, please call (406) 595-2547. Sat Nam!

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Sat Nam, yogis & yoginis!
This is just a little note to let you know that I am officially taking a break from teaching all classes until sometime in January or February.  There is a baby due to join our family sometime in November and I have been winding down and whittling down my schedule over the past few months.  I have found replacement teachers for my Kids Yoga and Kundalini Yoga classes.  For the past several weeks I have only taught prenatal yoga and mommy & me yoga.  Today the next phase of remodeling projects began at the Birth Place studio and will continue throughout this month and next so I have temporarily lost our studio space for these classes.  We knew it was coming, we just didn’t know exactly when!  The remodel just happens to coincide quite nicely with my last few weeks of pregnancy and it feels like a good opportunity to just slow down even more and prepare for baby.  Please visit the Schedule page for more information including suggestions to continue your practice with other teachers at other studios.


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Playing Monopoly with God & Other True Stories


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the incredible Melissa Bangs.  I met Melissa several weeks ago over dinner at Mirch Masala to hear about her intense postpartum experience and how she’s woven this experience into a one-woman show that SOLD OUT in Missoula last year.  I’m so excited she’s bringing it here to Bozeman, and I hope you can attend.  Blissful Family Yoga is a proud sponsor of the event as I believe in women telling their stories and increasing awareness about postpartum mental health issues.  Please join us!  Read on for a glimpse of Melissa’s story and please do click over to youtube to view the trailer for the show HERE.

In September 2012, at 40 years old, Melissa Bangs gave birth to her beautiful daughter Adelaide.  A month later, dramatically hormone depleted and sleep deprived, Melissa is admitted to the Providence Psychiatric Facilities in a complete manic state.  After nearly a month, she is sent home with a bipolar diagnosis and on lithium.  What comes next is an extraordinary journey back to wholeness, back to love.

Over the past two years, she has shared her journey with a vast array of audiences.  Again and again, people emerge from the woodwork to thank her and ask her to keep telling her story.  And so she does.  Women, men, young, old, parents and non-parents have responded profoundly.  One woman in her late sixties shared that, upon hearing this story, she released the shame she had been carrying for 33 years.  Another man in his mid-thirties who is not a dad told Melissa, “I feel more human having heard your story.”

Join Melissa for an evening of true stories full of bewilderment, chaos and hilarity.  Bangs has a knack for telling true stories that cut to the bone of our shared, vulnerable human condition. Her true gift, however, comes in the moments in which she’s able to string away the shame or agony of an experience and transform the room into an uproar of laughter.

Playing Monopoly with God & Other True Stories

October 15th – 17th

The Verge Theater, Bozeman

6:00 Doors Open 7:00 Show Starts

$15 in Advance & $20 at Door

Tickets on sale now at


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GURU JAGAT in Bozeman!

GJ_Montana (2)

Sat Nam!  I am so excited to welcome Guru Jagat of the Ra Ma Institute for Applied Yogic Science & Technology in Venice, California to Bozeman, Montana for TWO workshops this month!  She’s awesome and I feel SO lucky she’s coming to teach in our town!  Join us at Your Yoga (20 E. Main) on Friday, July 24, 7-9 pm and/or Sunday, July 26, 2-4 pm for an experience of kundalini yoga, meditation, and gong immersion with this celebrated guest teacher.  Individual workshops are $25/advance or $30 at the door and to attend both workshops it will be $40/advance or $50 at the door.  Please contact me at (406) 595-2547 or to purchase tickets in advance at the reduced rate.


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Summer Camps

I am so delighted to be partnering with Mountain Air Dance to offer three summer camps this year!  My children have been enjoying learning all kinds of skills on the aerial silks, hammock, and trapeze with Cathy of Mountain Air Dance and I have been enjoying teaching several children’s yoga classes a week since the Fall of 2014 so it seemed a natural fit for us to work together offering a one-of-a-kind movement camp for children ages 4-12 this summer.  There are three separate week long options to choose from, one week each month of the summer.  Please head over to Mountain Air Dance’s website for registration information.  It’s going to be so much fun!

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Upcoming Gong Workshops at Your Yoga

Sat Nam!
I’m excited to offer two afternoon gong workshops at Your Yoga’s Emerson location in March- one on 3/1 and another on 3/29.
Gloria Gong 08
The Gong & Nervous System Regeneration:  A Pranayama & Sound Immersion Experience
Sunday, March 1, 3-5 pm
$20, $15 with Your Yoga membership
The gong can regenerate the neurons and their interconnections.  It is useful for anyone who needs to resist the ravages of stress.  This workshop has three parts.  First the body is prepared with vigorous pranayama (breath control) exercises, then the gong is played for a 45 minute supine meditation, followed by a deep relaxation.
The Gong & Projection into Sach Khand:  A Kundalini Yoga & Sound Immersion Experience
Sunday, March 29, 3-5 pm
$20, $15 with Your Yoga membership
Strengthen the nerves and experience the neutral realm called “sach khand,” the realm of truth, healing, insight, intuition, and service.  Experiences will vary but often include a sense of travel and projection.  First we will practice a series of yoga exercises and mantra chanting to stimulate the kundalini energy and to prepare the physical body to let the mental body project to the neutral realm.  Then we move into a 22 minute seated gong meditation.  We will end with a traditional supine deep relaxation.

Please click the following link to view the poster!

Gloria Gong 09

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The GONG is HERE! Wahe Guru!

I feel so lucky and so blessed that the gong is finally here.  An instrument as fine as this is so special and I am eternally grateful to everyone who contributed financially to help manifest this potent gong sound therapy right here in Bozeman, Montana.  Since it’s arrival, I have had the great honor of playing it for family, friends, students, other teachers, and even people I had otherwise never met before!  I love sensing and feeling the shifts that take place in those resting and relaxing while I play for them, and I love falling into the flow and grace that playing the gong induces.  I am in awe of it’s powerful resonance and ability to transform.  I hope you’ll decide to try it for yourself!

“The gong is very simple.  It is an inter-vibratory system.  It is the sound of Creativity itself.  The gong is nothing more, nothing less.  One who plays the gong plays the universe.  The gong is not an ordinary thing to play.  Out of it came all music, all sounds, and all words.  The sound of the gong is the nucleus of the Word.”  ~Yogi Bhajan

Gloria Gong 07

“The gong is a sacred threshold.  It is a portal that links the finite and the infinite experience of the self.  The most sublime instrument of the Yogi is the Gong.  It is a musical instrument, a healing tool for the nervous system and a cauldron in which you can create alchemical blends of qualities that open and develop the inner self.  The sound of the gong creates deep relaxation, releases you from the torrent of thoughts and stimulates the glandular system to a higher level of functioning.  The gong impacts the body and it’s meridians.  It releases blocks, reduces tension, and stimulates circulation.  The result of this is a reorganization of the emotional energy and feelings that are tied into the body structure.”
Excerpted from The Art of the Gong in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. and Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.

Gloria Gong 03

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering private Gong Sound Therapy Sessions in addition to playing the gong during savasana after select classes and workshops.  My instrument is a hand selected 32 inch Paiste Symphonic Gong from Soul of the Gong.  The gong is the most potent form of sound therapy I’ve ever come across, and I would be honored to play for you.  Choose from 90 minute (Yoga, Meditation, and Gong), 60 minute (Yoga & Gong), and 30 minute (Gong only) options.  Private and Semi-Private appointments are available.  Please call me at (406) 595-2547 to arrange a session.Gloria Gong 02

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